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Trading options is a powerful way to make quick income from the market. Which is how I turned my first $5k into $37k in a few short months (and eventually started a 9 figure hedge fund). But you don’t need to believe that it’s complex and risky. There are simple, smart, risk-controlled ways to trade options. That’s why I unveil in my new “mini report” How I Trade Options And, truth be told, even though these are my best “secrets” over decades of options trading, they aren’t complicated. In fact, they’re extremely simple! Inside, you’ll get a step-by-step guide to trading options the simple smart way. And I’ve included tons of chart examples and illustrations so that everything makes sense. You can start trading this method tomorrow… Grab the eBook Here

  • Why the US Federal Reserve slashed interest rates, and why I believe they would have made this decision regardless of pressures of Coronavirus
  • Is the US Dollar going to crash? Why the 43-year chart is showing that we’re entering the beginning of a big crash and the one currency pair that will be detonated as result (watch from 7:03) 
  • “Teaching moment” – the double top from 2015 that indicated that the USDJPY was going to crash, and why my long-term prediction has finally come true
  • Is the biggest opportunity on the board on the EURUSD and the one thing that I’m waiting to see before I’ll be backing a huge up-trend (watch from 12:34)  
  • The “pull back” on the EURGBP and why this is an opportunity to take a position on the long side
  • Why I believe that Oil will drop significantly to $20.00 and why it will probably be blamed on Coronavirus (although the long-term trend has been indicating this direction for the past five years)
  • Will Gold reach its 300-year high or is it a trap? I share my thoughts on one of the most exciting trading opportunities on the board (watch from 24:01)
  • The 13-month bull market that has been brought to its knees in under two weeks (and why I see this as a change in the character of this market).
  • “How to Potentially Profit from Huge Market Moves”Without Predicting the Direction…
  • Plus much more



We haven’t traded anything for a week. However yesterday when the Dow was up 475 points after the market close I did send out an email saying that things were looking to rally. I sent out a few futures trades to my Option subscribers and we were successful on all of them.

To be honest trading these big moves that last for a day or two is actually extremely easy to trade and there is massive money to be made in the futures market. In the market like we have had for several years you can’t really do it but right now it has just been fantastic. Both in stock futures and also in bond futures.

The Dow was then up over 1000 points in the futures market and then sold off to where it is now. It’s actually really quite difficult in these volatile times to try to trade during market hours only because in the morning things have already gapped up and then if you are looking to sell the next day for a profit they may gap down. It wouldn’t surprise me if one day stocks just ran 24 hours a day.

Here is a picture so far of the Dow on the one hour chart:

These moves aren’t bothering me at all. I saw this 20 years ago. If there is a big move up in March we will then probably get another big crash and then in May it will be Sell in May and Go Away. Just so you know the market does the best usually from November through April. In fact over the last 50 years you would do much better if you only invested from November through April and then were in cash the other six months. If you reversed it and were only in stocks May through October over the last 50 years your return would actually be almost nothing.Join Me For Only $197 Stocks and Options (and sometimes futures)

If you would like to use the techniques I use to time the market crashes there are two hours of videos in the member section that you will get upon signing up. I learned some of these techniques when I was a broker way back in 1999 and these methodologies are used widely across all of the major financial firms. However they are only used by some traders and not others. They are certainly used on the CBOE because every time I see this indicator turn down even a little bit from a high level I see stocks down the next day.

You will also get the daily updated portfolio. However right now we are in 100% cash and I am not sure when the next pick will be or if it will be to the upside or downside.

Let’s build something together.

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  1. This is your way to allow a veteran Wall Street trader to do the hard work for you to improve your trading performance and knowledge. The lessons are incredibly valuable AND there’s a trade that I encourage you to make straight away (that’s about to rocket)/


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