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Werbung im Besuchertausch und Mailtausch

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【Standalone Phone】: When inserted GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz SIM card and TF card in this smartwatch, it can work as a real standalone cellphone, you can make calls, messages, surf the Internet, use other pre-installed Apps with this watch.
【High Quality Screen】: Equipped with 1.54″ HD IPS color captive touch screen, which has 240*240 pixels resolution make the screen clear and bright, OGS laminating process make it more strong and durable.
【NOTE】: This watch maximum support 16GB SD card, can only connect to your phone via bluetooth, do not supports WIFI, GPS, Heart Rate Monitor, or Video functions.

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Comprehensive guide shows you exactly how to build your own “Power Efficiency Guide”. The device uses the endless power principle used to make the electric cars constantly charge themselves from the wheels when not being accelerated. It’s a unique concept that can be used in every home. You’ll get the blueprints, full color step-by-step directions and the full materials list. 

Apple iPhone 5, GSM unlocked, 16GB, white, $82.


What is a personal injury claim?

Were you or someone you know injured?

Imagine being hurt with nowhere to turn for legal help. If you’ve suffered a personal injury in the last three years that wasn’t your fault and feels wrong, your first move should be to seek legal advice from an expert you can trust to protect your interests and help you make a claim for compensation. Get Legal Help When You Need It!

If you or someone you love has suffered from a life-changing injury, you could be entitled to financial compensation. The solicitor you choose to represent you in making a claim however will play a significant role in the success of your case. You need an expert with extensive experience in the particular type of injury or illness you are facing and, with decades of experience in all types of personal injury cases, we are here for you. 

Here is how to make it right with a compensation claim.

A personal injury claim is a legal case you can begin if you’ve been hurt in an accident and it was someone else’s fault. It’s the formal process of recouping compensation from the other party who was responsible for your injury – usually their insurance company. There are no upfront costs and you pay nothing if your claim is unsuccessful.

Typically, you can start an injury claim when you or a loved one has been injured in any kind of accident that:

Happened within the last three years.
Resulted in you suffering financially as well as physically.
Was demonstrably caused wholly or partly by somebody else.
Nobody expects to be injured and it can be a real shock to the system if it happens. That’s why we’re proud of our 25 years’ experience helping people after they’ve been involved in an accident. We offer free, impartial advice about compensation and can guide you through the first important steps of making your claim. There’s no pressure and no rush: the decision is always yours and if you choose to go ahead, we’ll introduce you to one of our carefully-approved and expert personal injury solicitors.

If you’ve suffered an injury and it feels wrong, find out how to make it right.


[ Your Bitcoin Account] Here’s how to open it…

1. Big banks in the US have been reticent to establish working
relationships with crypto companies. Why is this?

2. Quontic, Silvergate and other relatively smaller banks have
opened their doors to crypto customers. Do small banks have an
opportunity to fill crypto companies’ banking needs? Have you
seen other small banks foraying into crypto?

3. Is there a chance that bigger banks may open their doors to
crypto customers? What would need to happen on a regulatory
level in order for this to happen?

4. Without reliable banking services in the US, how have crypto
companies been managing thus far?

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Analysts predict an upsurge in BTC price

The bitcoin price could hit $23,500 in 2019 — says Samson Mow, CSO of Blockstream. Tim Draper, a famous crypto enthusiast & billionaire, goes even further, stating that BTC is to break through $50,000 mark this year. They are echoed by tens and hundreds of smaller-caliber analysts. Not that we’re calling you to blindly believe their words. But think about this: during the bitcoin history, its price has increased by 8 million (!) times. Why should we believe it’ll stop suddenly?


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Tinnitus is a blight on the lives of millions, and any new solutions that may offer hope for tinnitus sufferers is both exciting and warmly welcomed.

Millions of Americans may have the Tinnitus condition so severely that it interferes with their quality of life.

You can experience all-natural homeopathic relief of the annoying ringing and constant distraction of Tinnitus with Tinnitus Control-just two sprays under the tongue up to three times a day can help reduce your symptoms safely! Homeopathy is a very unique system of medicine because the ingredients are used at levels generally understood to be non-toxic, with no negative side effects, and is based on the basic notion that like cures like.

The use of homeopathic ingredients for particular conditions is based on “homeopathic provings” and observation throughout time that are recorded in the Homeopathic literature, including the pre-eminant “A Dictionary of Practical Materia Medica by John Henry Clarke, which we relied heavily on in developing our formulation. A discussion of the homeopathic conditions of use for the ingredients found in Tinnitus Control is found below. We have also included as a bonus. Our Ear Health dietary supplement to support the overall health of your ears.

Tinnitus is defined as a constant noise or ringing in the ears. A common problem, tinnitus affects about one in five people. It is most often caused by age-related hearing loss, ear injury or a circulatory system disorder.

Tinnitus is usually caused by constant exposure to loud noise. This loud noise permanently damages many of the small inner cells of the ear. When these cells are damaged, they produce the dull ringing in the ears called Tinnitus. Around 90% of people afflicted with Tinnitus suffer from the condition as a result of noise-induced hearing loss. This includes exposure to loud music, construction noise, and even hair dryers that produce the damage that causes tinnitus.

With Tinnitus Control you can experience homeopathic relief from the symptoms caused by tinnitus.

nitus is a blight on the lives of millions, and any new solutions that may offer hope for tinnitus sufferers is both exciting and warmly welcomed. But Tinnitus is curable.

Tinnitus is a blight on the lives of millions, and any new solutions that may offer hope for tinnitus sufferers is both exciting and warmly welcomed.

Millions of Americans may have the Tinnitus condition so severely that it interferes with their quality of life.

You can experience all-natural homeopathic relief of the annoying ringing and constant distraction of Tinnitus with Tinnitus Control-just two sprays under the tongue up to three times a day can help reduce your symptoms safely! Homeopathy is a very unique system of medicine because the ingredients are used at levels generally understood to be non-toxic, with no negative side effects, and is based on the basic notion that like cures like.

The use of homeopathic ingredients for particular conditions is based on “homeopathic provings” and observation throughout time that are recorded in the Homeopathic literature, including the pre-eminant “A Dictionary of Practical Materia Medica by John Henry Clarke, which we relied heavily on in developing our formulation. A discussion of the homeopathic conditions of use for the ingredients found in Tinnitus Control is found below. We have also included as a bonus. Our Ear Health dietary supplement to support the overall health of your ears.

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These are turbulent markets.

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The fact is that the kind of volatility we are experiencing has many traders

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Fear of losing.

Fear of pulling the trigger.

Fear of missing out on a trade.

Fear of having your stop hit

Fear of turning a winning trade into a losing trade.

Fear for the trader comes in many forms, the effect of which can be devastating

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Stuck at home and trading like a monster through coronavirus! Here’s what’s next!

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The Global Debt Bomb: Tick…Tick…Tick

This morning, I turned on cable news to get the mainstream media’s perspective of the market’s current woes. I almost did a spit take with my coffee.

The cheerful spin was surreal. I heard one pundit say that bargain hunters should jump into the stock market with both feet, because coverage of the coronavirus is hyped and the epidemic will quickly blow over.

As I write this column on Tuesday morning, the global death toll from the fast-spreading virus exceeds 4,000 and several countries are putting entire cities under quarantine. Pre-market futures trading indicates that stocks will open higher this morning, largely due to suggestions from the White House of a payroll tax cut to stimulate the economy. The phrase “dead cat bounce” comes to mind.

Also coming to mind is March 2008. During the financial crisis, Bear Stearns was circling the drain. But many television pundits insisted that the investment bank was just fine. A certain celebrity on CNBC (you can guess his name) said it would be “silly” for investors to take out their money. Actually, I distinctly remember that he was shouting. Here’s exactly what he said:

“Bear Stearns is fine! Do not take your money out. If there’s one takeaway, Bear Stearns is not in trouble. I mean, if anything, they’re more likely to be taken over. Don’t move your money from Bear. That’s just being silly. Don’t be silly.”

When those words were uttered, Bear Stearns stock was trading at $62 per share. A mere five days later, the firm underwent a mercy killing and was folded into JPMorgan Chase (NYSE: JPM) at $2 per share. The collapse of Bear Stearns triggered a domino effect that hastened the global financial meltdown. New owner JPMorgan discontinued using the once-venerable Bear Stearns name, which had become synonymous with greed and mismanagement.

Here’s my point: During the current crisis, tune out the spin from TV blowhards and government shills. Remain coolly rational and analytical. Stick to your long-range goals. Don’t panic but, by the same token, don’t gloss over genuine threats.

Daunting debt levels…

Here’s a genuine threat that no one on television likes to talk about: unsustainable public and private debt. As if you didn’t have enough to worry about, the global debt bomb just got closer to detonation. Let’s look at the extent of the danger and what investors should do about it.

Economists at JPMorgan Chase are warning that the adverse economic and financial consequences of the coronavirus are pressuring credit and funding markets, with major defaults looming ahead.

Monday’s stock market meltdown greatly exacerbated the debt problem. U.S. stocks extended their prolonged drop and crashed again yesterday, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average posting a loss of more than 2,000 points, it’s worst one-day drop since the collapse of Lehman Brothers in 2008.

Read This Story: Does a “Lehman-Like Shock” Lie Ahead?

Diminished demand and supply chain turmoil already are creating a cash flow crunch for many businesses, making it difficult for them to service their debt burdens. This dynamic especially hurts smaller companies in the hard-hit travel and lodging industries.

Oil prices have plunged amid a new crude price war, threatening many indebted energy companies with insolvency. Yesterday witnessed losses of 20% to 50% among the shares of independent oil and gas company stocks.

In a note last Friday, JPMorgan’s analysts asserted:

“If these shifts in credit and funding markets are sustained over the coming weeks and months, especially in the issuance space, credit channels might start amplifying the economic fallout from the Covid-19 crisis…[unless] credit support by central banks and/or governments is broad, fast and direct, we note credit markets are facing an increased risk of the cycle turning with a lot more downgrades or even defaults over the coming months.”

Also last Friday, a derivatives index that gauges the perceived risk of corporate credit soared by the most since at least 2011. At the same time, energy company bonds and loans are falling further into distress as crude oil prices crash.

Americans are getting deeper into hock…

It’s not just corporate debt. Total household debt in the U.S., including mortgages, auto loans, credit card and student debt, climbed to $14.15 trillion in the fourth quarter of 2019, eclipsing the previous peak at the height of the great recession in Q3 2008 by $1.5 trillion in nominal terms (see chart).

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That’s according to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York’s latest Report on Household Debt and Credit.

Then there’s Uncle Sam’s debt, which has mushroomed to monstrous levels because of the 2017 tax cut.

The non-partisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO) recently projected that the federal budget deficit will hit $1.015 trillion this year. Federal deficits are expected to average $1.3 trillion per year between 2021-2030.

The coronavirus has made a recession this year more likely. A recession, in turn, could trigger a debt crisis. Low-grade corporate debt is a ticking time bomb, a huge risk that gets almost no coverage by the financial media.

Read This Story: Coronavirus: Looking a Black Swan in the Eye

During the era of ultra-low interest rates that followed the Great Recession, corporations loaded up on debt. But instead of using that money to invest in organic growth, most of these borrowers launched share buyback programs or funded mergers.

This myopic decision-making was repeated in the wake of the 2017 tax cuts, when corporations used their windfalls mostly to buy back stock and not for internal investments or to pare down debt.

In addition to low interest rates, companies have enjoyed other incentives to borrow. Interest costs are tax-deductible, so in essence, the U.S. government has been subsidizing corporate America’s debt spree.

Gekko is back…

The stigma of lower-grade debt has diminished over the past 10 years, echoing the go-go 1980s when Gordon Gekko-type corporate raiders used junk bonds to finance leveraged buyouts. The crash of 1987 ensued.

Because of the Federal Reserve’s quantitative easing since the 2008-2009 financial crisis, government bonds have sported low yields, prompting investors to seek higher yields via ever-riskier bonds. Companies have exploited this demand.

The confluence of these trends has resulted in a preponderance of BBB rated debt. There’s currently $3 trillion in outstanding U.S. debt rated triple-B, up from $1.3 trillion five years ago and $686 billion a decade ago. That’s the most ever for companies rated triple-B.

Triple-B debt securities are the last rung on the ladder; they’re the lowest-quality debt that qualifies for investment-grade status. A downgrade to double-B pushes a company’s bonds into the high-yield junk territory. In a recession, many of these highly leveraged firms could fall victim to a wave of downgrades and defaults.

Another global financial contagion is possible. Indeed, government policy nowadays almost guarantees it.

Since the 2008 global crisis, when big banks sought federal government bail outs, the Federal Reserve has been steadily chipping away at the capital requirements that were put in place to prevent a repeat. Bankers say these rules are burdensome red tape. There’s another reason bankers hate stricter capital requirements: they compel banks to limit stock buybacks and dividend payments.

In the autumn of 2008, terrified bankers went to Uncle Sam with their hats in their hands. They’ve forgotten this inconvenient truth. Unfortunately, so have many investors (and taxpayers).

However, in the next downturn, looser capital requirements could leave the economy more exposed to another meltdown. Meanwhile, with interest rates already low, the Fed won’t have many tools at its disposal.

Prudent moves to make…

The Fed last week implemented an emergency rate cut, to help offset the effects of the coronavirus. It probably won’t do much good. Investors seem to know this, as they flee risk-on assets for safe havens such as gold. You should do the same.

The hedges portion of your portfolio should total about 25% of assets. I define “hedges” as precious metals (i.e., gold and silver), real estate investment trusts (REITs), and commodities, among other investment classes.

Also increase your exposure to equities in historically stable sectors, notably utilities stocks. Dividend-paying utilities have demonstrated the ability to weather downturns. Their solid balance sheets and insulation from geopolitical risk make them effective shelters from the storm.

Stay cautious. I’m seeing a lot of similarities between March 2020 and March 2008. As Mark Twain said: “History doesn’t repeat itself, but it often rhymes.”


Poop out 30lbs of fat

For many of us, food cravings probably happen more often than we’d like them to, like the ones that strike during our pesky afternoon slump. There are tons of theories as to why we experience intense cravings like these—most of which boil down to them being a sign that we’re deficient in a certain nutrient, such as iron or magnesium. But is this actually true?
The short answer: Not so much. “The reason most people buy into a particular food craving myth is a mix of desire and a small bit of fact,” says Suzanne Dixon, RDN, a registered dietitian with The Mesothelioma Center in Orlando, Florida. The desire part of the equation gives you “permission” to eat something you normally consider “off-limits,” while the small bit of fact is that the foods people crave actually do supply some nutrients of interest. (For example, dark chocolate is a reasonably good source of magnesium.)
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>> Poop Out This Toxin & Destroy Food Cravings in 24 hours

When we crave foods, it’s mostly because they trigger the release of mood-boosting neurotransmitters in the brain. “Once people experience these subtle brain effects, they tend to seek them out again, especially when they’re under stress,” says Dixon. With a lot of indulging, we can condition our brains to produce less of these happy hormones when these foods aren’t around, which can lead to feeling like something is lacking without them. (Cue more cravings.)

Below are six examples of the food cravings we tend to fall for most, and why they’re not true:

Myth 1: Craving sugar means you’re addicted to the stuff.

“Currently, we don’t have evidence that confirms sugar addiction is a true addiction,” says Connecticut-based registered dietitian Alyssa Lavy, RD. Yes, sugar has been shown to light up the reward center of the brain, but so do many other things—and we don’t always attribute that effect to addiction.

More often than not, sugar cravings could be a result of a person restricting their carbohydrate intake and not meeting their nutritional needs. “Your body has a feedback system where hormones will be released in an effort to drive hunger, and ultimately increase blood sugar levels, since your body likes your blood sugar to be within a certain range,” says Lavy.

Myth 2: Feeling hungry means you’re really thirsty.

While it’s possible that you might not be drinking enough water, hunger and thirst are actually pretty distinct sensations that don’t overlap with each other—hunger causes stomach noises like growling and feelings of emptiness, while thirst makes your mouth feel dry and sticky.

“I often meet with people who are eating too few calories (despite what they may think) and their bodies are trying to tell them they need more food,” says Lavy. Bottom line: If you’re hungry, eat. If you’re thirsty, drink. And if you’re ever unsure, you can always munch on water-filled foods, such as fruits and veggies, to cover your bases.

Myth 3: Meat cravings mean you’re deficient in iron.

Many people think that craving meat means their body’s sending them a bat signal that they need more iron, since meat is the most prevalent iron source. However, there’s currently not enough evidence that links meat cravings to an iron deficiency—most people crave it simply because they enjoy it, says Dixon.

A more common symptom of iron deficiency is pica, a condition in which you crave or chew non-food items, says New York City-based registered dietitian Natalie Rizzo, RD. Think: ice, clay, paper, or soil. These weird cravings may coincide with other symptoms, such as fatigue, weakness, and shortness of breath.

Myth 4: You crave fatty foods when you’re not getting enough calories.

If you truly weren’t getting enough calories for an extended period of time, you’d start to unintentionally lose weight. “With this, your body would want an abundance of nutrients, not just calories,” says Rizzo. It’s very unlikely that restricting calories would trigger a biological need for bacon, for example. You’re probably craving these foods because you’re straight-up hungry and have been in a state of deprivation.

Myth 5: Chocolate cravings during PMS mean your body needs magnesium.

Magnesium has been shown to lessen the severity of PMS symptoms, but chocolate isn’t the ideal way to get it. “You’re likely craving chocolate because eating foods with sugar and carbs trigger the release of mood-boosting compounds in the brain and make you feel better,” says Rizzo.

If a chocolate craving meant your body was ordering you to get more magnesium (one ounce of dark chocolate provides roughly 65mg, says Dixon), you’d be craving almonds (80mg per one ounce), spinach (78mg per 1/2 cup), and cashews (78mg per one ounce) more than you would chocolate.

Myth 6: A strong craving for salt means you’re deficient in sodium.

Some people will interpret a salt craving as a sign they need more sodium in their diet, when more often it’s due to dehydration. “Since water follows salt in the body, it makes sense that when the body is dehydrated, it will try to take in more salt to get a hold of some much-needed fluids,” says Katherine Basbaum, RD, a clinical dietitian with University of Virginia Health System. So the next time you’re craving something salty, Basbaum suggests going ahead and indulging just a little, but make sure to pair it with a couple of big glasses of water.

Context for Financial Panic & Virus Fear Cycles

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CONTEXT OF FINANCIAL PANIC AND CORNOAVIRUS FEAR CYCLESThe Confluence of the 18.5, and 33-38 Year Cycles in 2020-21
By Barry RosenWith the stock market going wildly lower over the weekend and oil falling out of bed because the Saudis and Russia cannot agree, we are having more Black Swann events. Russia says they can survive for 10 years at 25.00 a barrel and the Saudis can produce oil in the single dollar region. The good news is cheap gas prices for a while and a lot of pressure on the fracking industry to have huge economic challenges. This means lay-offs and shut-downs and they have huge debt that needs prices at 50.00 or more to survive. It’s good for the environment but it is the type of change that these larger cycles produce.

There is a larger cycle at work that happens about every 33-38 years. In Oct. 1914, we had the outbreak of World War 1 and dissolution of the Russian monarchy and the rise of Communist Russia. With the ½ cycle period in opposition in 1929-31, we had the Great Depression. In 1947 after the end of World War 2 we had this cycle and the International Monetary Fund was created to end global poverty and the Breton Wood Agreement was drawn up creating and bring great financial power to the US and the US banking system. Also, in 1947, we had Pakistan breaking away fro India and forming two separate countries that are still at odds and also the creation of Israel out of Palestine and that region is still quite at odds. With the return of Saturn/Pluto again, these difficult areas are likely to go through more upheaval.

In 1982 we had this cycle and the AIDs crisis and we the escalation of the cold war with Russian and the bottom of the US stock market after higher unemployment and an economic recession hit.

What does 2020-21 hold for us? You can see with the Coronavirus and changes in supply chains and fewer people going to work those global economics will be impacted. More political change will erupt as we are seeing Turkey and Syria square off again but Russia is getting involved. With the history of global economic change, the social-political environment will continue to move toward more social policies and movement and a move toward Medicare for all and all the social welfare programs that he espouses?

History would suggest something bigger has to happen and this cycle is always a work to bring up the unconscious way we are treating our planet and our people and to create a black swan event so that we can look at it straight in the face and do something about it. The latest plunge in oil and impact on the fracking industry is just one event but there will be further ramifications as the world has been printing money and has not really addressed the issues of the last economic meltdown and its lessons from 2009-12. Saturn/Pluto will take no prisoners. Not great for the US stock market and pension funds.

Trader trends and market expectations for US oil stocks

Oil tumbled at the start of the week, with crude and Brent suffering their worst declines since the Gulf War. The end of the previous week saw OPEC and its allies fail to agree a new production cut. In response, Saudi Arabia slashed its oil prices by 30% and stated it intends to raise its output. Crude oil dropped below $27.50 and Brent crashed through $31.50 on Monday, sending shockwaves through all asset classes. With an oil price war on the cards and turmoil on global markets, this week’s US inventories data will have little impact.


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