Get an EXTRA 40 Websites! (7 Days left)

We have made a lot of decisions over the years and all of them we feel are very positive and evolutionary. This hosting update taking place at WA is no different, we plan on leading the industry in the Managed WordPress hosting space and we are setting out a game plan to serve business owners the most innovative and revolutionary website/hosting experience in the world.

What if you could outrank ALL your competition because your website loads so fast?

Google and other search engines are putting HUGE emphasis on website loading speeds and if you have a host that knows what they are doing, it will have a profound impact on your business. WordPress websites installed at WA are currently getting 100/100 in terms of PageSpeed score in Google…unheard of in the industry.

What if your hosting/website was able to be integrated with other elements of your business, in a way that was completely seamless?

This could include things from research, to content creation, to integration of affiliate programs/opportunities, to support and coaching.

What if you never had to even THINK about hosting, because your hosting service was so good?

Hosting should be like your health, if you have to think about it chances are something is wrong. It just needs to work, and work well. That is the quality of hosting you can expect NOW and expect in the future as we evolve our technology faster than the competitors…and keep ahead of hackers and the security vulnerabilities they expose.

This CAN be done, this is what we are doing.

What if you could have your websites hosted within the most progressive hosting/website environment in the world?

Every single day we are implementing changes and improvements to our hosting network to make your websites run more efficiently, more reliably, faster, and in a much more secure manner.

We are updating in a few short days to our new “10 website plan” for Premium members. This means that a Premium member can create up to 10 FULL TIME businesses on our state of the art hosting. That is pretty powerful stuff, considering we are one of the clear leaders now in the Managed WordPress Hosting world (which in essence means high quality hosting).

However, if you join Premium before March 16th at MIDNIGHT, you are going to get the “50 websites plan” included in your membership.

To exhibit the crazy value you are getting from this alone, I want to show you OUR hosting price points versus comparable Managed WordPress hosting companies in the industry.

Let’s compare the current 50 website package, to other Managed WordPress Hosting companies in the industry.

Pagely (35 Websites) = $499 per month

WPEngine (30 Websites) = $290 per month

Kinsta (40 Websites) = $400 per month

Wealthy Affiliate (50 Websites) = Included w/ Premium at $49 per month!

As you can see, the hosting ALONE is worth a minimum of $290 per month…and that doesn’t include all the training, live classes, research tools, website platforms, content platform, coaching and networking.

If you go Premium before March 16th at 11:59PST, you are going to be grandfathered into the 50 website plan (which is unheard of Managed WordPress hosting industry). This level of hosting is more than adequate to run several million dollar online enterprises, all included in your Premium membership. After that date, the Premium membership is going to be offering a “10 website” hosting plan.

You can upgrade to Premium here get the the “50 Website” plan included your Premium membership today:

===> Upgrade Now and Lock Into 40 Extra Websites!

We are really excited about what we have in store for members of Wealthy Affiliate in 2020. We have never been in a better position to evolve and innovate EVERY aspect of the platform at WA… and you are going to see some really exciting updates in the year ahead. 😉

PS. If you want to get a full breakdown of the quality and the direction of the hosting platform at Wealthy Affiliate, please read the following blog post. It will give you some really good perspective as to just how robust, powerful and forward thinking the hosting is at WA is. 🙂

BLOG POST: Our Innovative Approach to Hosting (Important Updates)

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