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Sometimes you have to do things that feel right, even if everything screams otherwise.
The first year after quitting my job was really tough. I made just under $18,000. Which is quite a drop in my income.
But that wasn’t even the hardest part.
For me the worst part was that I woke up every morning and didn’t have a tangible game plan to get results.
I didn’t have a way to consistently get in front of quality prospects. And neither did anyone else.
Checking off 10 names I contacted today, wasn’t exactly gonna pay the rent, keep the lights on and put food on the table.
I was chopping a lot of wood though, but couldn’t start a fire.
And although I was making a some progress, it always felt like I was taking a step forward, while getting knocked two steps back.
In fact, it took me another two years before I fully replaced and surpassed my previous income.
I guess it was because of my pigheaded stubbornness and sheer bulldog persistence… which also didn’t allow me to buckle and go back crawling to the safety of a J.O.B.
Although to be perfectly honest, I thought about it. A lot at times.
Now, here’s the reason I’m telling you all this.
I’m glad I took that leap of faith 6 years ago. And I shatter to think what would have happened had I stayed in that job, and never pursued becoming a full-time entrepreneur.
I don’t think it’s necessary to struggle and suffer for years to eventually make it.
I did, yet I watched most people fall by the wayside. And can tell you some nightmare stories about them.

Published by Om Bun

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