(via REVEALED: The #1 Secret of online Millionaires) When I started in this business I was bad. Really bad.Armed with a company flip chart presentation, lots of enthusiasm and zero skills, I’d read that thing cover to cover to anyone who would listen. I would literally go from start to finish. And by the time I was done, I think I had the people in a trance. And not a buying trance by the way.In fact I’m surprised they even let me get to the last page, which took almost 2 hours for me to go through. I think my prospects were moments away from falling asleep… I actually had someone start snoring right in the middle of my pitch, and the wife had to keep elbowing the poor guy.As you can imagine everyone said “No”. I wasn’t selling any products. And I couldn’t sign up a single soul. Well, about a month or so into it, my dad, who was also in the company a few months longer than me, gave me a set tapes on selling.Yeah tapes. It was a few years back :)I desperately wanted to figure out why I couldn’t get anyone to buy or join. While every week I saw people around me who were kicking butt and taking names. Here’s one of the things I soon realized… I was overwhelming my prospects. Killing them with information. And I’m sure coming across as a typical sales person. Of course nobody wanted to buy. Let alone join my business.
Something else that hit me was this little fact…Before you can get anyone to buy from you or join you, you need to first understand what your prospects really want. And then show them how you can help them get it.
Most people who are new to this, rush to the latter. Eagerly talking about how great their product is. Without taking the time to first uncover what the person they’re talking to wants.This one little shift can make a world of difference to your results. And eventually the size of your bank account.Here’s one more little tidbit that helps a lot. Talking to the right prospects who actually want what you have. And having them take the first step to reach out to you.
Do that, and you stack the odds of success way in your favor.
And you’ll find the secret to effectively doing it inside this training.
Let’s start getting more prospects to say YES.Over 100,000+ people are successfully generating an online income and they all have one thing in common…THIS ONE THING is the “secret to their success”. It is being revealed for free right now in this video.
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This video went to the masses so make sure to watch it ASAP before it’s taken down.

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