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Legionella in the drinking water
How can we prevent Legionella?
After a long absence, such as after the holiday, we should first drain enough water until it flows fresh and cool from the tap. Because Legionella spread especially at water temperatures of 25 to 55 degrees Celsius and multiply especially in stagnant water. Above all, Legionella is problematic when inhaled, it can cause inflammation of the lungs. This could happen especially when showering. Therefore, the shower line should be flushed with hot water for a few minutes if it has not been used for a long time. The hot water should be set to at least 60 degrees in the summer. It also helps to clean and exchange the reels regularly, because lime and dirt are a nutrient for bacteria. The legislation requires tenants of multi-family homes with central hot water heating to have their drinking water checked every three years and to report to the health authorities.

Most of us refuse to believe that another 9/11 event could possibly happen again in the US…

Especially since we know that the US successfully toppled the Taliban in Afghanistan and killed the Al Qaeda founder…

Yet THIS undisclosed video reveals a threat that could wipe out 90% of US population in the next couple of months.

In fact, it’s the startling reason why NORAD started moving critical assets back inside Cheyenne Mountain and decided to spend over $700 million to harden the mountain even further.

Watch this leaked video before it disappears again.

water filter

Do you know the most important rule for surviving in the wild?

Here it is: find clean water! When dealing with drinking water in the household a few tips and tricks should be noted:

  • Do not use stale tap water for eating and drinking. This could have enriched ingredients, such as from the installation material. Therefore, only drink fresh and cool tap water. Drinking water, which has stood in the pipeline for about four hours or longer, can be drained briefly until it runs a bit cooler over the fingers. Only then will it have its optimal quality again.
  • Especially after a longer absence, for example, a vacation, leave the water drain. People who are sensitive to nickel should not use drinking water which has lasted longer than 30 minutes in chrome-plated faucets, for hand washing and body care. With the drained water you can water flowers.
  • It is best to fill the kettle and soup pot with water from the cold line, because in hot water systems the water often stagnates longer. In restaurants you can ask for a glass of tap water. Do not through unused and expired medicines – as well as paint residues and other water polluting chemicals – in the sink. Substances disposed of via the spout or the toilette are released into the environment because sewage treatment plants can not retain all the substances contained in the wastewater. Dispense drug residues in the pharmacy and bring chemicals to a pollutant collection point, such as a recycling yard.

I’m always prepared to get up and go at a moment’s notice… and you should be, too!

ShowerSafe installs in less than 5 minutes. Simply place the filter between your water pipe and shower head. Patented 10-stage filter technology purifies water instantly without losing pressure. Instantly purify water and improve your health and skin appearance.

You can’t depend on the grid to filter your water, or power a filtration system.

That’s why I always carry the AquaStiq™ in my Bug Out Bag. It can INSTANTLY filter 99.999% of all bacteria out of natural water, AND it’s guaranteed for 1,000 liters!

This is essential if you need to survive in the wild with NO notice.

And trust me… when things go south, you won’t get any notice! Prepare yourself NOW.

Every survivalist has an emergency water filtration system in his or her BOB. Make sure you’re properly hydrated when TSHTF.

Convert your pool to salt water by winning a Visa Gift Card! No chlorine and less irritation.

salt water pool

The pressure on resources is increasing. Drinking water protection must be given a much higher priority. Climate change is also damaging the water resources.
Particularly in the case of the nitrate: if wells could no longer be used due to cross-border excesses, raw water had to be mixed with less polluted inflows and drinking water had to be transported in ever-longer transmission lines, it is obvious that agriculture in intensive livestock farming and fertilizer application is not water-compatible and sustainable in many places.

Climate change would increasingly burden water resources. In the dry year of 2018, the dams from the top to the middle of the mountains were more heavily used than ever before. And the emptier they become, the more critical the water quality is. The water supply could still cope with the climate change. But in the face of increasingly difficult conditions, agriculture ways would need to be improved and inputs would have to be minimized. Instead of always building new clarification stages and refining the water treatment, a chemical balance is necessary and possible. A common understanding of agriculture, industry and consumers for water protection in terms of climate change is not yet sufficiently developed.

This digital book offers valuable insights that will help you keep your family safe in any disaster, including: how to pick the perfect safe spot to retreat, how to prevent your food and medicine from spoiling with no power available, the must-have medicine supplies that can get you through any disaster, the vital things you need to keep functioning after an EMP strike and many other tips to know what to do when disaster strikes.

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