Money should never be a problem


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If you do business in a physical location, you need to be doing local SEO. Someone said
“If you’re in this business, you should never have a money problem. You can take care of all your bills with your pen.”

And he was absolutely right.

Now granted, this was a direct sales business, with very generous upfront commissions on products.

So even if you never recruited a soul, you could still make a good living. And if you actually built a team on top of that, you’d be raking it in even more.

But, whether your comp plan has hefty commissions for retailing products, or not, you can make a decent buck either way, while you’re building your team. I’ll tell you how in a moment.

And it’s important that you do make money, for two reasons.

First, the obvious one…

I’m assuming you got into this business to make money, so why not do it as quickly as possible, and make as much as you can.


You don’t need to be ‘broke’ while you’re building it.

It’s a heckuva lot easier to attract people and sign them up, when your business is making a profit.

And you can discover how to do that.

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