The Big Money Guys Get All the Breaks… Until NOW!

When Jack Dorsey took Twitter public, his investors made millions.  Same thing when Drew Houston went public with Dropbox. 

Those companies are what investors call “Unicorns.” Small startups that grow into billion-dollar companies. 

And they’re out there… Uber, Docusign, WeWork, Pillpack…
 But how do you find them?  I live in Kentucky.  You live in Wisconsin, Florida, Texas, Iowa… not Silicon Valley. 

The Drew Houstons and Jack Dorseys of the world are not flooding your in-box with new business ideas. 

No offense, but those tech start-up guys don’t even know that you exist, let alone that you might want to invest in their company.
Instead, they’re sending emails to the big-money investors who helped Etsy and Spotify get off the ground. 

And those big money investors are the ones that get the first shot on all the best opportunities; because they are known and wealthy, and have a history of successful investing. Look, I don’t care if you have $100 or $100,000 to invest; the tech start-ups don’t know you! That’s where I come in.  I have the one thing that most new Angel Investors don’t have…
The MOST IMPORTANT thing you need to be SUCCESSFUL in start-up investing…
Since title 3 of the JOBS Act went into effect in 2016, investing in startups has gotten easier and has turned into a big opportunity for even the smallest investor.  So much so, that there are literally thousands of startups out there raising money from investors at any given moment. 

You can probably do a google search and find someone who’ll take your money right now.

But unless you know which opportunities to take, you could be throwing a lot of money away on bad ideas. 

I have the connections to find the best potential deals early… and the experience to weed out the losers… to separate the donkeys from the unicorns!

 Join me in my special live presentation

“How the Rich Invest:
Why You’re Missing 95% of Profits by Investing in Public Companies”

You’ll hear:

Why getting in early is the key to potentially life-changing gainsWhat changes in US law have made angel investing possible for anyone, regardless of account size.What criteria I use to find the best of the best opportunities!And you’ll learn how to get started in what I believe is the most potentially lucrative form of investing available today!

See you there!

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